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NWIB News Spring 2016

R-Line DN Hull and Plank Racing DN Hardware. What the fast guys are using in their latest builds.

Like Formular One, these parts are lighter and may not stand up 25 years of hard use but if you understand that then you may be interested. A catogory will be added at the end of each section of for example: Hull Hardware, Plank Hardware. Liisting R-Line pieces.

  New this season is hull hardware for the Whizz. Currently  NW has made up parts based on what Steve Lamb has developed and used on the hulls he has built. All parts are available please check price list under catagories. The whiz hardware can be used on other larger Hull and planks.


Stainless Steel 3x3" Double Arm Steering chock with 4 3/4" shaft for standard 3 7/8"steering bushing assebly.


Front tang


Steering wheel mount with chain sprocket. Uses steering wheel from Jegg's Catolog, I will add part number soon.


Chain and steering cables for above steering wheel mount. Custom lengths


Sheet line clamp assembly that uses a peddle to clamp the sheet line, freeing hands to steer and aid in one hand sheeting.


Hull to plank brackets


Heavy duty plank stud plates for above hull brackets


Whisker stays, custom lengths. mounting tangs: front are side stay tangs and plank are s/s straps with 5//16" plank bolt and 1/4" whisker stay clevis pin.


Picture upon request,  In the process of adding new section for the Whizz parts in Web site price list.


US Postal service shipping Via flat rate Priority Mail Service worked very well over the last Season. Anything that fits in the small, med. and large box ships at set rates. You can log on to the US postal service web site and get the actual shipping cost to Canada and Europe. Tracking is available with this service and based on European shipments, most arrived in 7 to 10 business days or less. Process for customs is a lot easier as packages are delivered to homes or businesses that are serviced by local post offices. 


Shipping through UPS is still available on all domestic shipments. FYI shipping to businesses is still cheaper than a residence.


All credit card payments are now accepted through PayPal. You can use any credit card you want to make payments for products or service. In the past NWIB has only used Visa/Master Card. Now you can use them all. PayPal has also made payments from Canada and Europe easier. Example: You would receive a invoice from PayPal referancing disscussed NWIB products or service. Use your preffered credit card,  you do not need a PayPal account.  PayPal has made payments easier as it takes care of all the exchange rates. A no brainer.


Check out my milled polished pre-bent stainless steel angles. 90 degree plain and with steps milled into the edge. 100 degree available if the stock allows that much material to be machined off. Different batches of materials thicknesses dictate when 100 degree angles can be produced.

Stainless steel single or double arm steering chocks. Lighter than Sarns, can be had with press nut option. Two steering ratio's on single arm. Euro/fast and NWIB standard ratio. Race version comes with hollow 11/16" shaft

Sliding mast step. Change mast post location with out wrenches quickly.

Stainless steel Euro style steering post, (US spec) Provides lower ratchet block mounting location and positive tiller support. No more 1/4" pin to work out of steering post.

Alternate hull to plank Two stud hull plates. Allows 5.5" of travel. Take the rock out of the plank.
Helps skate alignment as plank rock effects toe in and toe out of blades.

Two stud plank plates for the above hull mounting plates. same bolt patten as Sarns. You can Swap out your existing plates and use your existing Sarns hull plates in the rear position.

Limited supply of 9" Super Chocks milled for CSI/Kent style blade stiffeners, with press nut, flat head screw & allen wrench.

Carbon chock stiffeners for CSI/Kent style chocks.

Areo side stay adjusters

Some of the above items are not currently on the price list but will be shortly. Call 781-724-0648 for more details.

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