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Qty Code Description Picture Price
1072A Side Stay Tang Twisted New Product 1072A $22.00
1DSail 1D Power Gold New Product 1DSail $1295.00
1DSAILF 1D F Speed New Product 1DSAILF $1295.00
1DSailPGCamber 1D Power Gold with Camber, with battens, bag. New Product $1494.00
5000 Shroud Set Compressed Strand 3mm S/s, F/s Extreme W/thimbles 5000 $269.00
5000A Shroud set Compressed Strand 3mm s/s, f/s extreme w/toggles 5000A $289.00
boom Harken 2148 Carbo 40mm T2 soft Loop $43.65
CS14INS 440C Stainless steel 1/4 CS14INS $1.00
CS1PC Composite Solutions one piece complete $1.00
CS1PK Composite Solutions one pc. Mast Kit comes w/all hrd/w to comp. $1.00
CS316IN 440 Stainless steel 3/16 CS316IN $395.00
CS4012 Thrust bearing mast socket (Composite Solutions) CS4012 $104.50
CSCFRB Composite Solutions carbon fiber runner bodies (each) CSCFRB $1.00
DNHALY DN halyard cable 3/32 DNHALY $71.50
DNHALYARD DN Halyard for DN Racers. New Product DNHALYARD $85.00
Forstjaw Forstman Boom Jaw Forstjaw $25.00
FRSTBOM Forstman European Boom complete ready to go New Product FRSTBOM $643.35
FRSTCAR Fortsmann boom block Car FRSTCAR $17.45
FRSTOHADJ Forstman boom outhaul Adjuster FRSTOHADJ $40.70
HARK302 Mast sheave for composite mast HARK302 $45.60
Harken Harken 450 track cars Harken $55.55
Harken2 Harken Dinghy Jib Track Harken2 $18.20
HK2135 57 mm Carbo Ratchet $63.50
HK2146 Harken T2 29mm Carbo New Product HK2146 $24.70
HK2149 Harken Carbo 40mm T2 soft Loop New Product HK2149 $37.50
HK2151 Harken Carbo 57mm T2 New Product HK2151 $52.45
HK2600 Harken Carbo 57mm swivle New Product HK2600 $47.00
HK2636 Harken Carbo 40mm HK2636 $31.75
HK2650 Harken Carbo 40mm New Product HK2650 $25.75
HK2651 Tri-Lite Carbo Air Block 40mm New Product $30.25
HK340 Harken Carbo 29mm New Product HK340 $21.99
HK348 Harken Carbo 29mm New Product HK348 $12.99
HK351 Tri-Lite Carbo Air Block 29mm New Product $26.05
NAVN740 Mast Hound Backing Plate T Fitting Style) New Product NAVN740 $15.40
NW1014 Runner parking brake NW1014 $34.00
NW1030 Tiller Extendable Finished NW1030 $126.00
NW1031 Tiller Extendable Unfinished NW1031 $116.00
NW1048 Plank stud set NW1048 $39.60
NW1048A Double stud plank set New Product NW1048A $45.37
NW1049 Gambit/Super DN Stud Plate Set NW1049 $45.37
NW1072 Side Stay Tang NW1072 $22.00
NW1072A Side stay tang Twisted New Product $22.00
NW2001 Bob stay post removable NW2001 $11.00
NW2004 Bob stay post socket NW2004 $13.20
NW2008 Chock cap and bolt set NW2008 $77.00
NW2012 Front stay tang with fasteners new and old style NW2012 $36.30
NW2012A Front tang light weight New Product NW2012A $42.35
NW2012B Lite Weight Front Tang NW2012B $43.75
NW2016 Fuselarge plates, old style NW2016 $39.00
Nw2016A Fuselarge plate set old style for two stud plates New Product Nw2016A $39.60
NW2017 Fuselarge plate set alternate style NW2017 $49.60
NW2017A Two Stud alternate hull plates New Product NW2017A $45.37
NW2020 Halyard catch Racelite NW2020 $13.64
NW2029 Mast hound inside Composite Mast NW2029 $60.00
NW2029A Mast hound for alum mast New Product NW2029A $60.00
NW2032 Mast step NW2032 $53.90
NW2033 Mast step adjustment plate NW2033 $39.60
NW2033A Aluminum mast base three milled holes NW2033A $22.00
NW2037 Mast socket block alum;w/3 tapped holes NW2037 $52.80
NW2038 Mast socket Delrin insert NW2038 $35.20
NW2040 Oillite bushing 6 7/8 NW2040 $17.60
NW2041 Oillite bushing 3 7/8 NW2041 $22.00
NW2042 Rear block adjustment tube mounts to hull;rod ret/blocks NW2042 $46.75
NW2044 Outhaul bracket NW2044 $38.50
NW2044A Sail Tack Bracket New Product NW2044A $30.80
NW2060 Short bob stay cable connects to hull ahead of plank NW2060 $48.40
NW2060A Short bob stay cable with Compressed Strand wire NW2060A $59.40
NW2060B Bob stay cable bracket standard or Dyform cable NW2060B $35.20
NW2066 Sarns Side Stay Adjuster NW2066 $24.00
NW2066A Side Stay Adjuster New Product NW2066A $33.00
NW2067 Sarns blunt nose runners call for availiblity plus shipping $1.00
NW2078 Slotted strap and Tri-angle NW2078 $33.00
NW2081 Steering chock spring NW2081 $19.80
NW2084A Euro low profile steering post New Product NW2084A $126.50
NW2088 Steering rod NW2088 $85.00
NW2088A Carbon Steering Rod New Product NW2088A $275.00
NW2092 Tiller housing 1 NW2092 $60.50
NW2092A Tiller Housing low profile steering post New Product NW2092A $71.50
NW2222 T/Ball mast hound fitting for CSI style mast NW2222 $65.00
NW2222B Euro style mast hound spreader slotted Strap New Product NW2222B $88.00
NW3008 Harken 75 mm Carbo hexa ratchet NW3008 $77.45
NW3009 Harken #077 adapter for steering post to ratchet block NW3009 $47.00
NW3010 Eye stap (Harken #073) NW3010 $2.25
NW3011 Spring (Harken #071) NW3011 $2.25
NW3012 Shackel bow hound to shrouds; for loop end shrouds NW3012 $36.30
NW3013 Shackle(for boom outhaul to sail connection) NW3013 $16.50
NW3014 Strap sheet line (for Bryant boom with slots for aft. blocks) NW3014 $4.50
NW3021 Fast pins 1/4 NW3021 $5.85
NW3035B Sta master for front shroud adj. NW3035B $45.90
NW3035C Sta-Master small New Product NW3035C $37.50
NW3041 1/4 Clevis pin with circle clip NW3041 $4.15
NW3045 Gambit super DNlower front tang NW3045 $28.60
NW3045B Gambit Super DN frt. Tang NW3045B $32.50
NW3046B Gambit super DN spring board bracket NW3046B $44.60
NW3047 Gambit steering cables NW3047 $96.00
NW3050 Bryant style boom to sail outhaul adjuster NW3050 $49.50
NW3051 MWR Plastic boom jaw NW3051 $12.10
NW3052 Slush runner stainless angle pre bent pair NW3052 $92.40
NW3053 Stainless Steel Angle New Product NW3053 $165.00
NW3053A Stainless Steel Angle 95 Degree New Product NW3053A $160.00
NW3058 Insert blade oilite bushing NW3058 $4.97
NW3060 9" Super Chock Cut away for CSI Carbon Stiffeners NW3060 $325.00
NW3060B Gambit super DN bob stay post NW3060B $12.00
NW3062 Gambit super DN steering chock NW3062 $126.50
NW4002C 1D Power Gold with Camber $1525.00
NW4012 DN hull bag Call
NW4013 DN Mast bag $77.00
NW4016 DN Plank bag Call
NW4017 DN Runner Bag, Holds three blades Call
NW4042 DMT: Coarse stone NW4042 $16.95
NW4043 DMT: Extra Fine Stone NW4043 $16.95
NW4044 DMT: Fine stone NW4044 $16.95
NW4048 Sta-Master adjustment wrench; light weight aluminum NW4048 $22.95
NW4058 J-14 blades when available plus shipping Call
NW4061A CSI Carbon fiber stiffeners, pair New Product NW4061A $200.00
NW4078 5/16 X 30' Reggata braided sheet line NW4078 $25.95
NW4078A Tapered Sheet Line New Product NW4078A $105.00
NW5001 Harken block #166 1-1/8 NW5001 $25.50
NWBOOM Northwind Boom NWBOOM $577.50
RB Rat battens; carbon glass foam core RB $188.00
SLIDEMAST Sliding Mast Step New Product SLIDEMAST $148.50
SLOTTEDSTRAP Slotted strap for mast hound tri-angle) SLOTTEDSTRAP $21.95
SSCHOCK Stainless single arm steering chock New Product SSCHOCK $99.00
SSPOST Stainless single arm steering post New Product SSPOST $82.50
SSPOSTC Stainless double arm steering chock New Product $126.50
SSPOSTD Stainless double arm steering post New Product SSPOSTD $88.00
TBALLSPREADER Euro style mast hound spreader T ball New Product TBALLSPREADER $99.00
toggle Toggle Fixed Pin 1/4 New Product toggle $27.48
Whiz1 Whizz Hull to Plank side brackets New Product Whiz1 $93.50
Whizz1 Whizz Hull to Plank side Brackets Whizz1 $93.50
Whizz2 Whizz plank two hull stud pates Whizz2 $46.00
Whizz3 Whizz steering cables New Product Whizz3 $96.00
Whizz4 Whizz Stainless steering chock New Product Whizz4 $110.00
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